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Enjoy the very best regional ramen bowls from across Japan, from the north with our Sapporo Miso - miso based chicken & pork broth with smooth chijire wave noodles, to the south with our Kumamoto Tonkotsu - tonkotsu based pork broth with garlic oil and thin, straight and bouncy hosomen noodles.

Add awesome sides from the kitchen, fluffy buns, crisp gyoza and lip smacking karaage paired with ice cold beer, highballs and shochu sours for an authentic Japanese night out. Kampai!

Grab your chopsticks and let's take the ramen trip of your life.


Check out some of our favourites

  • Our brand new summer dishes have landed!
  • Pair your ramen with our Japanese cocktails
  • Hakodate Shio Ramen: Salt based chicken & pork broth
  • The Sapporo Miso: One of our customers’ favourites
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen: 12hrs pork broth with thin noodles
  • Enjoy our selection of vegan ramen, sides & sushi
  • Our signature ramen with soy, chicken & pork broth
  • Sake: the perfect pair to our ramen!
  • Enjoy our Weekday Lunch Set Menu!
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A stylised map of Japan showing regional ramen varietiesA stylised map of Japan showing regional ramen varieties

Ramen, ramen, ramen

Regional varieties say a lot about the locals

Explore the history of ramen

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